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A Guide to Choosing the Right Running Board for Your Car

A Guide to Choosing the Right Running Board for Your Car

A running board is crucial for vehicle lovers. A running board is a structure that is fixed on the edge of a vehicle to facilitate passengers' movement in and out of the vehicle. 

It also gives your car a fashionable appearance. However, selecting the best running board can be challenging, given the wide range of models on the market. 

This guide provides information on the factors that need to be considered while selecting a running board for your vehicle.

Types of Running Boards

There are various varieties of running boards available, each with a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks.

1. Steps

The most popular kind of running board is one with steps. They are plain platforms made of metal or plastic that are mounted to the side of a car. 

The inclusion of steps in a car makes it easier to enter and exit. Moreover, they are affordable and come in various designs.

2. Nerf Bars

Steps and nerf bars are comparable, but nerf bars are tougher and more resilient. They are impact-resistant and built of heavy-duty steel or aluminum. 

Nerf bars offer good defense from roadside rocks and debris. They also give your car a chic appearance.

3. Electric Steps

The most sophisticated kind of running board is electric. The telescopic mechanism of the door allows it to extend and retract when it's opened or closed. 

Your car has a sleek appearance thanks to the electric steps. They do, however, cost a lot and require expert installation.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a running board for your car, there are various factors you should consider.

  1. Material: Running boards can be made from a variety of materials like aluminum, steel, and plastic. Aluminum is rust-proof and lightweight. Although heavier than aluminum, steel is more durable. Aluminum and steel are more durable, but plastic is more inexpensive.
  1. Style: Running boards are available in a variety of designs, including oval, round, and square. Pick a look that goes well with the style of your car.
  1. Size: The running board's dimensions have to match those of your car. A running board that is overly big or short might mess with your car's balance and handling.
  1. Color: Various colors are available for running boards. Pick a hue that complements the hue of your car.
  1. Brand: Pick a reputed company that sells running boards of high quality and has top-notch customer support.


Running board prices vary according to type, material, and brand. The least expensive solutions are stairs and Nerf bars, while electric steps are the most expensive. When selecting a running board, your budget should be a priority. 

Don't, however, sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness. Pick a running board with good functionality and high-quality construction.


Depending on the type of running board, different installation procedures are required. A DIY enthusiast can install steps and Nerf bars. 

Electric steps, however, need to be professionally installed. To prevent causing harm to your vehicle or the running board, it is advised that you employ a professional installer.


Running boards need routine upkeep to preserve their durability. Here are some upkeep suggestions:

  1. Regularly wash the running board with soap and water.
  2. To stop the running board from fading or cracking, use a protectant.
  3. To make sure the mounting brackets are stable, check them frequently.
  4. Drive carefully since difficult terrain can harm the running board.


The appearance and functionality of your car can be improved by selecting the appropriate running board. When choosing a running board for your car, keep the aforementioned points in mind. 

Make sure the running board is constructed of high-quality materials and that the style you choose blends in with the style of your car. 

The running board's durability can be ensured through routine maintenance. Follow the installation and maintenance instructions to maximize your running board.

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